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LEBANON, PA 17042-8193

Expires 31 December 2001

1 January 2001




The purpose of this plan is to identify those buildings and areas deemed

critical to unit operations upon mobilization of the Service Battery, 1-108th
FA at the Alternate Assembly Area and to establish priorities and procedures

for their protection.


The following areas, buildings, and structures are considered critical to

unit operations at the Alternate Assembly Area:


Fire House & Grounds 1


a. Personnel Access:

(1) Critical access areas for the SVC BTRY, 1-108th FA are the

main hall of the fire company.

(2) Authority for access to the main hall is restricted to unit members
only and those personnel who have official military business.

b. Access criteria for:

(1) Unit Personnel

a. Guards will be posted at the South door of the building

ALL other doors will be kept locked. All guard post locations are shown in
enclosure 1 (Map of AAA).

b. Members of the Service Battery, 1-108th FA will be given

access to the AAA by establishing membership in the unit by the display

of a valid military ID card.





c. EVERYONE will enter the fire hall through the South door.

(2) Visitors

a. All visitors will be held at the entrance to the AAA until

approval is given by the unit Commander or First Sergeant allowing them

access to the AAA.

b. It will be at the discretion of the unit Commander if an

escort is required.

(3) Contractor/Maintenance Personnel

a. Although the need for contractor/maintenance personnel is

not anticipated, they could be called to the fire hall in the event of

equipment failure.

b. It will be at the discretion of the unit Commander if an

escort is required.

c. All contractor/maintenance vehicles are subject to search

upon entering or leaving the PAA.

d. In the event of a fire call, members of the Mt Zion Fire Company
will be given access to fire equipment rooms and truck bays only.

No military vehicles will be parked in front of the garage doors causing
congestion to the fire trucks leaving the building.

c. Identification Procedures

(1) The following forms of identification will be considered

acceptable for entrance to the AAA. Military ID card for unit members &

personnel with official business or a photo ID for all contractor /

maintenance personnel.

(2) Any questionable cases will be referred to the SGT of the guard or
the 1SG.

(3) ALL personnel will be required to sign in and out on a DA Form

647 when entering or leaving the AAA.

d. Materiel Control

(1) Incoming Materiel: All vehicles and cargo will be searched

for sabotage hazards before being allowed to enter the fire hall grounds.

(2) Outgoing Materiel: Drivers of all outgoing material must show

vehicle load cards that have been released by the Unit Movement Officer

or Unit Loading Officer. Guards will ensure that drivers leaving the AAA

have signed out on the DA Form 647 prior to allowing them to leave the




c. Vehicle Control:

(1) Only privately owned vehicles belonging to members of the SVC

BTRY, 1-108th FA and other official military vehicles will be allowed on the
Fire Company premises with the exception of fire crews responding to calls.
Any exceptions to this policy will be handled on a case by case


(2) The first NCO to arrive at the AAA, in addition to assuming

the position of SGT of the guard will ensure the following tasks are

accomplished in this order:

a. Park vehicles in area A shown in enclosure 1 to this plan.

This will prohibit unauthorized vehicle access via the open field in the

rear of the Fire Company.

b. Park vehicles in area B shown in enclosure 1 to this plan

to prohibit vehicle access via privately owned land adjoining the fire company
to the south.

c. Park vehicles in area C shown in enclosure 1 to this plan

to limit vehicle access to the West Side of the fire company.

d. In the event that the unit may still utilize or gain access

to any or all of its equipment, that equipment will be parked in areas 1,2, &
3 as shown in enclosure 1. NOTE: Trucks parking in areas 2&3 will

back trailers into the open field. Drive Axles of the prime mover are to
remain on the hardstand.


e. The unitís POL tanker and recovery vehicle will be parked in area
4 as shown in enclosure 1.

f. Unit members will make arrangements to have all POV's removed
from the fire hall grounds NLT 24 hours after the unit departs for the
mobilization station.


(3) Any civilian POV entering the AAA whom is not a member of

the unit will be stopped and searched for sabotage hazards. In the

event that a sabotage hazard is found, local authorities will be notified

immediately by dialing 717-272-2054 or 911.


a. Only the south door to the firehouse will be unlocked. All other doors will remain locked.

Guards will be posted at this door.

b. All outside lights will be operational and will be used during hours of
darkness (Tactical situation permitting). Guards will use flashlights
during hours of darkness.


a. The first NCO to arrive from the unit to arrive at the AAA on M-Day
will assume the position of Sergeant of the Guard and establish guard posts as
shown in enclosure 1 to this plan. General and special orders will be issued
to each guard post from enclosure 2 of this plan. He will continue in this
position until the arrival of the First Sergeant at which time, a duty roster
will be put into operation.

b. The guards will be relieved every 2 hours IAW the Sergeant of the Guard
and Guard Duty roster established and supervised by the 1SG.

c. Uniform for guard duty will be: LBE w/Kevlar, M16 rifle, and

protective masks (if available).

d. Use of force will be IAW FM 19-15 and current PAARNG EOP.

e. General Orders:

1. I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my
post only when properly relieved.

2. I will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a
military manner.

3. I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and
anything not covered in my special instructions to the commander of the

f. Special Orders:

(1) Special orders are listed in enclosure 2 to this plan.

(2) Guards at posts 1 through 4 will allow members of the SVC BTRY

1-108th FA to enter the AAA when visually identified. Non unit personnel will
be asked to show identification and state their purpose for being at the AAA.
If there is any question, the guards will detain the individual(s) and contact
the SGT of the Guard via runner for further instructions. These guards will
ensure all personnel have signed out before leaving the AAA.

(3) Guards at posts 7&8 will request proper identification before
allowing anyone to enter the AAA. Everyone entering or leaving the Armory
Grounds will be required to sign in or out. NO EXCEPTIONS

(4) Guards at posts 5&6 will be roving throughout the parking lot.

(5) In the event of a bomb threat or fire, civil authorities will be
notified immediately by calling 911 and the fire house will be evacuated. It
will be the responsibility of the guards at posts 7&8 to safeguard the sign in
/ sign out log and to coordinate with the 1SG to ensure that the building has
been vacated of all personnel.




This security plan will be coordinated with the local civil authorities

upon implementation.












Encl. 3

1 - Map of Alternate Assembly Area

2 - General & Special Orders for Guards

3 - Detailed Instructions for Countering

Terrorism & Reporting Incidents

While Enroute to Mob Station



MEMORANDUM FOR All members of Service Battery, 1-108th FA

SUBJECT: Detailed instructions for countering terrorism & reporting incidents

while enroute to the mobilization Station

1. Countering Terrorism

a. Hostage Taking

(1) Only the commander or his designated representative will negotiate.

(2) No demands by the terrorists/hostage take will be met without

the approval of the commander.

(3) No one will surrender themselves or any information in bargaining
with terrorists.

(4) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any type weapon be given to

terrorists/hostage takers, regardless of the reason.

(5) The commander or senior representative will notify the proper
authorities for specially trained personnel to end the situation

(6) Should the commander be the hostage, the next higher-ranking person
is in command and will take the commander's responsibilities. Under these
conditions, no orders given by the commander will be followed. Only those
orders given by the individual assuming command will be followed.

b. In the event of an actual attack, all means to resist will be employed,
using as much force, to include deadly force, as necessary to resist.

c. At the first indication of any possibility of terrorist activity, the
commander or senior individual in charge will be notified and in turn

notify the proper civilian authorities.