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SVC BTRY, 1-108th FA


OPLAN 92-1

Reference: FORSCOM REG 55-1 w/chgs, PA & NJ State Maps,

Unit Safety SOP.

Time Zone Used throughout the Order: ROMEO


MU #1 Ammo Platoon

MU #2 HQ, Supply Section

MU #3 BTRY Maintenance Section

MU #4 BN Maintenance Section


a. Enemy Forces: Current Insum

b. Friendly Forces: Task Organization

c. Attachments & Detachments: None

d. Assumptions:

    1. All unit equipment will be combat
    2. serviceable.

    3. All unit personnel will be available
    4. for movement.

    5. The Primary Assembly Area will not be under

enemy control.

  1. MISSION: The Service Battery, 1-108th FA conducts

administrative motor march utilizing established

routes with organic and supporting transportation

to Fort Dix, NJ for processing and validation in

preparation for deployment to designated Theater of



  1. Concept of the Operation. Annex A (Route Overlay).
  2. The SVC BTRY conducts a motor march in four marches

    units on a single route. See Annex B (Movement

    Tables) for SP and RP times.

  3. All March Units will SP (M+3) and proceed by Rte

422W to Rte 72S to I-76E to I-276E to NJ

Turnpike to Rte 68 E to arrive at RP NLT (M+3)

c. Coordinating Instructions:

    1. March unit commanders will give safety
    2. Briefings prior to departure.

    3. All safety equipment will be available and


(3) Formations:

    1. Open column on interstate and other
    2. controlled access highways (150

      meters apart).

    3. Closed column on other than controlled
    4. access highways (100 meters in rural

      areas and 50 meters in urban areas).

      c. 15-minute intervals between march units.

    5. Convoys will obey all posted speed limits

and adjust speed based on existing road

and weather conditions. Safety and

weather conditions will over-rule

convoy meeting established arrival


    1. Uniform: Uniform for the movement is BDU with


(5) Movement by Commercial Bus:

    1. Personnel moving by commercial bus will
    2. maintain the same uniform standards as

      for convoy personnel.

    3. A senior enlisted person will be appointed
    4. as Bus Commander for each bus.

    5. Personnel travelling by bus will report to

the Advance Party OIC immediately upon

arrival at the mobilization station.


a. Supply

(1) Class I

a. Advance Party: (Box Lunch or MRE)

b. Main Body: (Box Lunch or MRE)

c. Commercial Bus: (Box Lunch or MRE)


(2) Class III

    1. All vehicle fuel tanks will be topped off

prior to leaving home station utilizing

organic underground assets and mobile

fuel tanker.

b. Enroute refueling will not be required.

b. Maintenance Support:

    1. All enroute maintenance/recovery support will
    2. be provided using organic assets (ie contact

      truck, wrecker, tow bars).

    3. Due to the distance to mobilization station,
    4. all POL products will be carried by the trail

      party to the mobilization station.

    5. The trail party will consist of no less than
    6. the Wheel Vehicle Maintenance Tech,

      Recovery Vehicle Operators, and contact

      maintenance truck.

    7. The following vehicles will remain with the

trail maintenance party at all times.

1 ea. Truck Wrecker, 10 Ton 8X8 M984A1

1 ea. Truck, Contact Maintenance, M887

1 ea. Truck, Cargo 1 1/4 Ton M998

c. Medical Support:

    1. Medical support will be provided by military
    2. installations/activities whenever possible.

      The following is a list of civilian medical/

      police facilities to be used only in

      emergency situations while enroute to the

      mobilization stations.


      Lebanon County Good Samaritan Hospital 717-272-7611

      4th & Walnut Streets

      Lebanon, PA 17042

      PA Turnpike Lancaster/Lebanon Interchange 717-665-2255

      Exit 20

      Ephrata Barrack s 717-733-8691

      Troop J

      PA State Police

      Ephrata Community Hospital 717-733-0311

      Martin Ave.

      Ephrata, PA

      Bowmansville Barracks 215-445-6716

      Troop T

      PA State Police

      Reading Hospital 215-378-6000

      6th & Spruce Streets

      Reading, PA

      Plymouth Meeting Barracks 215-828-5230

      Troop T

      PA State Police

      Chester Co Hospital 215-431-5000

      701 E. Marshall St.

      West Chester, PA

      Paoli Memorial Hospital 215-648-1000

      Lancaster Pike

      Paoli, PA

      Montgomery Hospital 215-631-3000

      Powell & Florence Streets

      Norristown, PA

      Frankford Hospital 215-934-4000

      Torresdale Division

      Knights & Comly Roads

      Philadelphia, PA

      Walson Army Hospital 609-562-4100

      Ft Dix, NJ

    3. In the event that the phone numbers listed

above are not accessible and emergency

medical/police services are needed, the 911

Emergency number will be utilized.


a. Command.

    1. Advance Party OIC will be the HQ/Supply
    2. Section

    3. Main body convoy commander will be the BTRY
    4. commander.

    5. Trail Party OIC will be the wheel vehicle

maintenance technician.


b. Signal.

(1) Movement Frequency: FM 46.700

(2) Current SOI is in effect.








A - Route Overlay

B - Movement Tables



First line supervisors

CF: HQ, 1-108th FA