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1. Only personnel with a current license or permit will be allowed to operate vehicles during this convoy.

2. Assistant drivers will remain alert at all times during the convoy.

3. If your vehicle becomes disabled during the convoy pull off to the right side of the road as far as possible and exit the vehicle for the passenger side unless sufficient room is available to dismount your vehicle safely. Place reflective triangles to the rear of your vehicle to warn approaching traffic.

4. You will only stop at the scheduled rest area for this convoy which is the Valley Forge rest area on the PA turnpike.

5. The following safety items will be present, accessible, and serviceable during this convoy:

a. Fire Extinguisher

b. Highway Warning Kit

c. Vehicle First Aid Kit

6. The speed for this convoy will be 45 mph with a catch up speed not to exceed 50 mph. Speed limits through communities below 45 mph will be adhered to.

7. The senior occupant of each vehicle will ensure no unsafe acts occur during the convoy.

8. No alcoholic beverages will be transported or consumed on this convoy.

9. All loads will be inspected to ensure they are properly secured with the appropriate tie-down devices.

10. At no times will drivers allow passengers in troop carrying vehicles to extend arms, hands, or legs outside of a moving vehicle.

11. Seat belts will be utilized at all times.

12. Operators will maintain a distance between vehicles twice the speedometer reading in yards while in convoy and a minimum of 10 feet between vehicles at the halt.

13. A maximum speed of 10 mph will be used when passing troops in formation.

14. Operators will ensure during operator maintenance is performed at the rest halt.

15. Ground Guides will be used when leaving or entering the motorpool area and whenever backing is required.

16. There will be no smoking in the vehicles during this convoy.

17. Vehicles transporting hazardous materials will be placarded on all four sides with the appropriate placard and number being displayed. Diesel Fuel will carry a

"1993" on the placard.

18. One (1) person will remain with the vehicle at all times to ensure the possiblity of pilferage and or sabotage does not occur.


19. The first vehicle of each unit will display a blue convoy flag on the left front corner of the vehicle and a "Convoy Follows" sign will be mounted on the front of the vehicle.

20. The last vehicle of each march unit will display a green flag on the left front corner of the vehicle and a "Convoy Ahead" sign on the rear of the vehicle.

21. The lead and trail vehicle of each march unit will have the amber warning lights operational at all times during the convoy. No other vehicle will use these lights while in convoy.

22. All accidents/incidents will be reported to the March Unit or Convoy Commander immediately as they occur.

23. Are there any questions?