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21 September, 2001

1. SITUATION: Service Battery, 1-108th FA is in receipt of an authenticated Warning Order or Alert Order for active federal service as part of a federal call-up, activation, or mobilization.

2. MISSION: On order of competent authority, alert and assemble the unit. Prepare personnel and equipment for active federal service. Establish family support operations. Activate or mobilize the unit and displace from Home Station to a designated Mobilization Station.


a. Commanderís Concept: In the event of alert for activation or mobilization, this concept plan will govern activities at Home Station and preparation for displacement to Ft Dix, NJ. This plan is intended to provide a clear narrative outline of the methods we will use to accomplish FORMDEPS, FR 500-3-3, Reserve Component Unit Commander's Handbook (RCUCH) tasks and the responsibilities of individual leaders in that process.

(1) It is envisioned that activation will not come unexpectedly, but will instead follow a period of rising tensions. The unit should therefor have sufficient warning in order to update and adjust the plan to the current situation.

(2) If a Warning or Alert Order is received, I will assemble and brief key unit members as soon as possible. A Warning Order does not constitute an Alert and no actions to notify unit members will occur. It is all but an advance notice for a possible pending Alert. During this briefing, all RCUCH tasks will be reviewed, work plans prepared, responsibilities assigned or confirmed, Alert Plans and Rosters updated, and plans for Home Station support requirements reviewed.

(3) This Mobilization Concept Plan is effective for execution upon receipt of an authenticated Alert Order from the HQ, 1-108th FA or STARC-PA (See Tab D, Alert & Assembly). Authenticate by telephone to the HQ, 1-108th FA 717-249-3609.

(4) It is impossible to determine the length of the Alert Phase, which starts with receipt of the Alert Order and terminates upon the entry of the unit into active duty. (RCUCH describes this as Phase II). Normally the Alert Phase will last several days. During that time, the unit will complete or update any remaining phase I (premobilization) tasks and accomplish all Phase II (Alert). Unit leaders will be prepared to accomplish planned tasks aggressively, and with minimum guidance.

(5) A mobilization or activation order received during the Alert Phase establishes the actual date & time that the unit will enter federal service. I will authenticate this order personally by telephone to the HQ, 1-108th FA, or other issuing headquarters. In my absence, 1SG Buck will authenticate the order.

(6) At the date & time designated in the unit mobilization or activation order, I will hold a muster formation of all unit personnel. The Mobilization Order will be read to the unit notifying that as of the effective date of the order, they have entered active federal service. A DA Form 1379 roll call will be conducted. Subsequent to formation, each soldier will sign the DA Form 1379 immediately above his typed name. This will the serve as the unit's official muster roll. This is a mandatory formation for all unit members. If required, unit assets will be dispatched to pick up unit members to the armory. Personnel not previously excused from this formation will be reported as AWOL and local law enforcement agencies will be notified for pick up.

(7) Normally, the length of Phase III (Mobilization at Home Station) will be governed by the data from the Commander's Mobilization Information Letter. Usually lasting from one to three days. Depending upon the Mobilization Station's ability to receive and provide support for the unit, this period may be extended. For planning purposes, we are schedule to depart for our Mobilization Station on M+3. During this phase, all Phase III (Mobilization at Home Station) tasks will be completed. Essentially, this involves individual personnel and logistical inprocessing (POR) and preparation of unit equipment for the movement to the Mobilization Station.

(8) During Phase III (or in Phase II if time permits) I will schedule a Family Orientation/Assistance Briefing. This briefing will be held at the Lebanon Armory and is intended to provide spouses and families with the essential information pertaining to finance, benefits, legal, personnel, medical, and related issues. The Family Support Group will assist in planning and carrying out of this briefing. Subsequent to the unit's departure from Home Station, TAGPA or STARC will establish a Family Assistance Center at Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003-5002. Any family member may contact any FAC for information or assistance. In addition, the Family Support Group will serve as point of contact for information, assistance or morale support locally. 1SG Thomas T. Buck currently heads the Family Support Group and may be reached at (717)-866-6751. The FSG will be authorized to use the armory for any official business with proper coordination with the senior Local Armory Board member.

(9) The Mobilization or Activation order will include a "no later than" arrival time at the MOB Station. For our purposes, this arrival time will serve as the start point to backward plan the activities necessary to ensure all personnel processing is complete, equipment is loaded, and vehicles are ready for the convoy. The Mob Station has established an actual gate time and the STARC Defense Movement Coordinator will issue a Convoy Movement Order to us through command channels.

(10) Prior to the departure of the unit main body from Home Station, the Mobilization Station will call forward the unit's advance party. These personnel will move to the Mob Station usually 24-48 hours in advance of the unit to initiate interface with the Mob Station and prepare for arrival of the main body.

(11) Operations at Home Station and enroute to the Mob Station will be accomplished under the command and control of the peacetime chain of command. Our immediate higher headquarters is the HQ, 1-108th FA, 504 Cavalry Road, Carlisle, Pa 17013-1699, PH: 717-249-3609. Their Mob OPLAN is found under TAB B of SVC BTRY Mobilization Binders. That plan governs this unit's activities and upon unit alert, carries the authority of an operations order.

(12) In the event that the HQ, 1-108th FA has already been activated or is otherwise unable to serve, direct command and control over this unit passes to the 28th DIVARTY. In the event that the 28th DIVARTY has also been activated or unable to serve, CDR, HQ STARC assumes command and control (or the Adjutant General if the STARC has not been activated).

(13) Upon arrival at Mob Station, command and control passes to CDR, Fort Dix, NJ.

b. Home Station Activities and Workplans: A copy of Annex F, (Unit Commander's Mobilization Checklist), RCUCH, has been divided into functional areas by Phase. Upon receipt of a Warning or Alert Order, the AMMO Officer (XO), First Sergeant, and I will assign each task area to a particular NCO, by name, for execution. Responsible personnel will prepare workplans for each assigned task. Workplans will be completed and approved by me during the initial Pre-Mobilization Leaders Briefing. Plans will be updated as required to reflect current state of work. Designated work leaders will report current status of each assigned task to 1SG Buck NLT 1500 hrs. daily, commencing with the first day subsequent to receipt of the Warning or Alert Order (whichever is received first) and terminating upon departure from Home Station.

c. Armory Transfer to LAB Representative: The senior civilian (or retired military) member of the Local Armory Board will assume the custody of all state property and facilities upon departure of the last unit from this armory. The senior LAB representative is Luis F. Velez (717-279-2705). Keys to the building and all state property will be turned over to the Physical Security NCO of the 28th Finance Support Unit or Luis Velez, as applicable. No state property of any sort will accompany the unit to the Mob Station with the exception of one (1) 3'x5' PA State Flag that is authorized to deploy with the unit.

d. Transfer of Federal Property to USPFO Representative: Non-deployable TDA and installed station property will be segregated for turnover to a representative of USPFO for PA. If a USPFO representative has not visited the Armory within 48 hours of departure, I will contact LTC Neil M. Swalm (USPFO Logistics Officer) at (717)-861-8724 for instructions. Under no circumstances will the unit take any non-deployable federal property to the MOB Station without the consent of USPFO. This includes copy machines, facsimile devices, computer and all other property not listed on my property book.

e. Public Affairs: Specific guidance concerning dealings with the news media will be published in the unit Warning and/or Alert Order. In order to ensure the release of accurate and timely information and to control media access and activities within the Armory a single Point of Contact has been appointed for the unit. The POC will be CPT William R. James, who will act as unit spokesperson with news media and will schedule and accompany representatives visiting the unit.

f. Mob Station Advance Party Workplan: The RCUCH contains a listing of materials, which the unit Advance Party will take to the Mob Station. The advance party will be under the control of an OIC (XO or Maintenance Technician) and an NCOIC (1SG). A sufficient number of personnel will accompany the OIC and NCOIC to successfully accomplish all tasks to support the arrival of the main body when it arrives at the Mob Station.

g. Personnel Ordered to Active Duty in Advance of the Unit: Those personnel listed in enclosure 3 will be brought onto active duty the day following receipt of the Warning or Alert Order. Their task is to assist the fulltime workforce and myself in the completion of Phase I & II RCUCH tasks prior to activation/mobilization of the entire unit. NGB Form 102-10's will be transmitted directly to TAGPA, ATTN: DCSOPS-MR by facsimile or courier NLT 8 hours after receipt of the Alert Order.

h. Home Station Life Support: Normally, personnel living within a 50 mile radius of armory will not be required to stay at the armory during the period that the unit remains at the armory (unless the current situation dictates). Those personnel residing outside the 50-mile radius will be provided billeting at the Lebanon Armory. No personnel will be billeted on the economy. Noon meals will be provided daily and will consist of box lunches. Officers will pay for their meals and enlisted personnel will sign a headcount sheet. Coffee & doughnuts and other beverages will be provided during duty hours and will be purchased from the following sources: Giant Food Store. Unit mess personnel will devote a minimum amount of time to food service and a maximum amount of time to personnel & logistical inprocessing and preparation of mess equipment for movement. The normal duty day will commence at 0700 hours with a mandatory roll call formation for all personnel. The duty day will terminate when all scheduled work has been accomplished, but no earlier than 1800 hrs. 1SG Buck will maintain a duty roster (DA Form 6) for necessary details to include, but not limited to physical security, Duty Officer/NCO, CQ, CQ Runner. POV's are authorized for all personnel while at home station, but will not be taken to the Mob Station without my prior authorization. POV's will be parked on the grass on the east and west sides of the armory.